Oct 12, 2010

I'm on a roll!

I just sent these following messages to three major corporate chains (I've changed names and identifying info where applicable...I can't help it if you figure it out): 

To a store where music is a staple: 

I was in your store the other day, looking for CD-RWs.  You have tons of CD-Rs, every brand, size package, etc.  You only sell one type (and size) of CD-RWs.  Why is that?  But, more important, I was mortified to see the new layout for CDs.  I mean, I guess CD sales are down in general, so you can't devote too much space to them, but it looks like crap.  Seriously.  And it's so small, so junky looking, I hate it.  And, let's not ignore the fact that it's really not accessible for people with physical limitations.  I used to LOVE your old music section...you could browse and really take the whole section in, visually.  Now, it's like clinical, and uninteresting, and overall unpleasant.  Any CDs I want to buy better be located at waist height or higher, or I'm probably not going to bother.  I have back problems and health issues that would make it unlikely that I'd make that effort to squat down or bend over to skim through CDs.  Plus, you can't really see the tabbed dividers with the artists' names on them below waist height.  You really need it to be within your line of vision to be able to read it.  Ugh.  I hate it.

Dinky Donuts Holes

I went through the drive-thru at 7:50pm (it's a 24-hours store).  They had holes advertised on sale, 25 for $3.  So, I ordered a mixed box of holes.  I took them home and the jelly holes hardly have any jelly and the powdered and cinnamon ones were inedible because they were so hard.  The chocolate ones were dried out and stale.  What a waste.  I'm sure the proprietor doesn't want to "waste" holes so he can maximize his profits but come on!  Isn't there a policy in place where you don't sell crap donuts that should be in the dumpster to your customers?  I feel like I have to ask their hole schedule so I only go there when I know the holes will be fresh.  That's ridiculous...the holes should always be fresh...IT'S WHAT YOU DO!!!!!  It's your name, for crying out loud!  Ugh.  Disappointment.

To a local pharmacy: 

I went to this store about 10 days ago.  When I pulled into the parking lot, I was shocked to see your employee dumping the contents of a large mop bucket (the kind of wheels) into a storm sewer.  I'm sure that's the easiest and cleanest way for him to dispose of it, but it sure isn't good for the environment.  Could you please make sure that Chester (I checked his name tag) and the rest of the gang (heck, how about EVERY one of your stores!) don't dispose of chemicals and waste in a storm sewer?  The community would appreciate it.  Thanks. 

You might think I need a hobby, or medication.  I don't, honest.  Shouldn't I let companies know when they mess up?  YES!

OK, OK.  I'm reading Letters From a Nut.  I felt inspired.  Don't judge me.
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