Oct 11, 2010

Dancing with the Stars, Week 4

Wow.  Wow.  Wow.  How sexy was Kurt Warner?  Holy moly!  Those hips, baby!
Anywho, I was really impressed with him tonight.  He was powerful, he was confident, he was poised, he was comfortable in his own skin, on the dance floor, and with the acoustic format.  I sure don’t know he got such low scores.  Oof.  

Brandy and Maks?  Eh.  They just don’t excite me.  Sorry, guys.  It was good but I just don’t feel them.  Oh well.  Don’t know how that’ll change.  Maks does look good with his shirt open, though.

I should be speaking about Kyle and Lacey right about now, but I missed them!  I had a cricket situation in my kitchen which was traumatic, as always (I'm not a bug person by any means.  Not a big fan of nature.) I hated that I missed them! 
Got back in time to see The Situation, who really stunk up the dance floor.  Oh man.  I feel for ya, guy.  I like you, I do!  But, oof.  How bad was that?  Did he even dance?  Let’s be honest.  He didn’t.  He walked a little bit, did a lot of gimmicks and let Karina dance around him.  That’s not good enough.  But, we did get abs.  Thank goodness.  That helped a bad situation.  LOL.  He may have helped himself, though, with his two comments about being grateful that he did not hurt Karina doing the lifts (points) and making a joke about his low (REAL low) score, saying, “That’s definitely a situation.”  He does maintain a positive attitude. 

Florence Henderson, that darling.  She’s in her seventies!!  What the heck!  I love her.  The judges were not terribly pleased, but I thought she did great.  I think that was a heck of a performance and I was really happy for her, because she seemed to be proving herself, having fun, and embracing it.  You go, girl!

Holy Toledo.  Can we talk Jennifer Grey?  Wow.  At times, it looked like two professionals were dancing.  She was so precise, so beautiful, so fantastic!  If this is any indication, she will win that goofy mirror ball trophy.  And her score was ridiculously ahead of the others, save for a couple. 

Bristol surprised me, actually.  She wasn’t great, but it wasn’t as bad as I anticipated.  She’s too young, she just lacks the maturity.  (I know, I’ve said that before)  What the heck was she wearing?  Eek.  Bad choice.  Didn't Mark know this was going to be a more formal evening?  Tsk, tsk.  But, come on, when she got her score, she reacts with, “That sucks.”  Maybe I’m being overly critical, but for crying out loud, her mother’s one of the most famous public figures in this country…Bristol is an activist who does speaking engagements, yet she has no poise, no sense of professionalism, no public persona.  But, boy oh boy, does Mark have a body and a half, or what?  And he moves so fluidly…*sigh*  He’s got his own situation going on, by the way.

Audrina Patridge was also quite good.  She’s definitely among the top performers, but I don’t know if she can get the votes from the viewers.  Is she likable enough?   Do enough people know who she is?  It’s going to be interesting to watch, that’s for sure.  


Kathie @ Just a Happy Housewife said...

I'm hoping that Jennifer wins. I think Audrina is a good dancer, but she has no personality which makes me not want her to win. She might be a nice person, but she seems like a real ice queen when she talks...

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