Oct 14, 2010

All About ME - Day 6

20 of my Favorite Things.  Sweet.  Love these lists. 

{one} puppies
{two} dogs
{three} crisp, autumn mornings with just a hint of chill in the air
{four} cuddling in bed with warm, soft, fluffy blankets
{five} new baby smell
{six} Christmas cookie baking sessions
{seven} Pica's pizza

{eight} cutting the tag off a new pair of sneakers
{nine} flavored martinis (preferably from Bricco)
{ten} SVU marathons
{eleven} hearing a baby belly laugh
{twelve} family gatherings during the holidays, as long as it isn't my family
{thirteen} hanging out with my brother, the funniest person I know
{fourteen} an awesome handbag (or lots of awesome handbags)
{fifteen} Jersey Shore! (the location, not the show)
{sixteen} crossword puzzles
{seventeen} decorating the Christmas tree
{eighteen} SPRING!
{nineteen} authentic (delicious) cheese steaks

{twenty} spending the rest of my life with my love ♥
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